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We are Sal and Neha, creator of The Art Of Travel. Welcome!

The Art of Travel is one of the top “all-things-travel” website in the world. We write about evolving travel trends and aim to entertain and educate our readers. Travel tips, travel hacks, travel stories, destination guides — we have you covered.

There are more travelers with full time jobs than full time travelers with no jobs. This website is for you.

Our motto is simple: “Go travel and explore everything — the wild, the urban settlements, the deep oceans, the high mountains, the remote corners of the earth, walk religious pilgrimages, visit diverse cultures & customs — explore everything human or nature under the sun.”

The Art of Travel has become one of the largest travel and adventure site serving millions of people from all over the world. The purpose of this site is to be the encyclopedia on all-things-travel but written and presented in a personal, subjective way through our writing and storytelling.

Our mission is to influence and help one billion people to travel and see the world while having a job, business, family, and on a realistic budget.

This project started almost a decade ago as a series of home diaries, maps, notes, and letters. Over the years our collected memories, inspirational stories, travel tales, incidents and disasters, our travel notes, photos of beautiful (and at times extreme) places that we have visited and stories of other travelers and their expeditions — this all became so huge of a collection that it would be unfair to not share them with the world.

infographic art of travel the world is a book

On this site, you will find specific tips for couples travel, solo travel, world travel, adventure travel, high-pointing in the United States and abroad, peak-bagging, and going to the Extreme Places such as the North Pole, South Pole, and ultimately the outer Space, the Universe.

Everyone has some travel dreams. Some of you want to travel the world. Some of you want to travel to few particular destinations. Ours is to travel and touch as many lives as we can. We want to travel for we find our heart in every home and every nation. We fell in love because we both were already madly and deeply in love with travel. 

Keep traveling and exploring so you can experience the oneness of all life on this earth.

We have dedicated our lives to help people realize this oneness. The oneness of everything. And what better way is there to truly see “life” in its fullest glory that to travel.

The Art Of Travel

Travel is an art and you can master the art of traveling. Come, travel the world with us. Whether you have a 9-to-5 or a family or even a baby, you can travel. We both work to support our travel costs and this website.

Whether you work full-time, part-time or overtime, you can always travel. There is always one place where you can go and you should. Whether you have money or free airlines miles or not, you can still travel. We will show you and teach you all the travel hacks that there is in the trade.

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Our Story

Sal’s Story

I am obsessed with travel. I am obsessed about understanding the essence of human life. I am obsessed about the journey of life and the mysteries of this world. I have been traveling for a long time and I have no plans to slow down.

“A man with outward courage dares to die; a man with inner courage dares to live.”
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Traveling makes me grounded. I find myself rooted in the simple truths of life – life is short, our time is precious. We are here to experience and participate in this cosmic dance of complex organic molecules that we call life.

Everything in life comes and goes. Objects of possession, money, power, fame can be earned and lost. But, time is the only thing which is equal for everyone. Time is the only resource that levels the playing field for all of us: be it a homeless or a billionaire king.

The other reason I think travel is the best thing to pursue is because traveling is spiritual by nature. As soon as you leave your home and you are outside of the familiar, the comfort zone, you become “present” in the here and now. You become meditative. Your brain begins producing complex neurotransmitters that make you more aware, more awake, happier and enlightened.

Travel shows you that all of us are same creatures, same kind of animals looking for the same things in life: love, family, peace, joy, purpose, and meaning in life. This makes me wonder, am I really different or separate from others? Maybe I am just a part of this Cosmos and all living creature are my siblings and cousins. So, in a sense, I am you and you are me. I have no fear because there is no other out there to threaten me. What is yours is mine, what is mine is yours.

I am not afraid to die because I am alive, I have lived. I am not afraid to venture out because life is a circle — it is infinite and eternal. 

I want to make travel movies and documentaries. I want to connect with you. I tell stories. That is all I dream about.

Neha’s Story

A traveler at heart, I am a free spirit. I do not seek money, nor fame. I do not have ambitious career goals or dream of running a huge non-profit. I am a “detachment” type of person when it comes to anything that binds you to a single place.

I want to just travel and see the world. I love my family and I like having fun with my friends and I like to relax and just chill. But then I get bored and I start thinking about our next adventure. Travel has taught me so much. I am not a religious person, but I am a spiritual person who sees things for what they are. People and places are temporary. Time moves. Things change, decay and ruin. People forget, society moves on.

There is no point spending your precious energy and time (the little that we all have) on things that are futile and fleeting. You may ask, what do I gain from traveling? Well, everything. 

I find my peace when I move. I find contentment when I travel and hear the same stories of sorrows and joys. People dance, sing and celebrate life in each corners of the earth. We are all one. In your happiness, I find my happiness. In your success, I am successful. In you suffering, I suffer. 

I do not need anything more than what the Universe has already blessed me with. I want freedom. The freedom to move, the freedom to make my own decisions, the freedom to be able to say “yes or no” to any situation. 

Money, jobs, and social ties often take away your freedom. And, you don’t even realize it until you feel trapped in your world. I believe, the most valuable currency in this world is: time. And, the most value thing to possess is: personal freedom, independence, and self-reliance.

I can go on and this page will become a book. I will make some videos instead and post it on The Art of Travel YouTube.

Cheers to life!

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