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Rome is a city which is in bucket list of many travellers. But when you get there you should avoid looking like a tourist. You need to act like a roman in Rome. There are very small details that might betray you are a first timer here . Follow the following five instructions to act like a roman in Rome.

DRESS UP-Well if you are touring you might think of wearing comfy shorts and flip flops. But we warn you to keep this things out of your wardrobe when you are here. You should not show your skin especially when you are visiting a cathedral. It’s hot and humid in Rome so you can wear tank tops but cover your shoulder with scarves when you enter a Roman catholic church. If you want to look like a native we advice you wear layers of clothing to look sophisticated and leave out the flip flops. Another thing. Don’t forget to wear sun glasses. It will add to your incognito factor.

THE WAY YOU TALK -If you know a few Italian words they are enough to take you through your tour. But you need to spell them just like a Roman would. You can’t get around saying”Grazie” and be not treated as tourist you have to say it like”gratze-a”. Spanish gracias and the Italian grazie are very different. So be careful. Romans talk a lot with hand gesture and loud voice. Get confident because only tourists who are not sure whisper to each other. Atleast acting this way won’t bring attention to you as a tourist.

DON’T TIP-Charity begins at home. You might have heard this proverb. Even followed it. But you will be surprised Romans don’t think so. The hotels and restaurant bills are inclusive of service fee. So when like a tourist you give away a tip you are caught. And while we are teaching you so well how to be a roman don’t get busted by doing such a silly mistake. Romans don’t tip.keep it in mind.

EAT LIKE A ROMAN – You are a health nut then Rome is really not a good place for you. Because they have a total five course meal starting with an appetizer followed by pasta or soup then meat followed by salad ending with a dessert. If you are not happy wolfing down this dishes at the end of your meal that isn’t very roman. The only food infront of you is a salad then that view is not very Romanesque. Romans eat like kings. Do so. And don’t drink cappuccino in the middle of the day. You can have it in the morning but not in between. It’s not a roman habit.

DRINK FROM FOUNTAIN -We told you how and what to eat. Now is a fact that every roman does. They drink water from fountains. The fountains have stood from many years and will give you reliable drinking water. You can drink like a pro from this fountains. There are two holes which have water flowing through them. Block the main one and drink from the small one which will give you water in great speed. Everyone around you is going to believe either you are not a tourist or this isn’t your first time in Rome.

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