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Adventure travel has become an integrated part of the travel industry. It is soon becoming a trend, which people are following blindly. The thirst to discover the cultural and natural treasures is growing in people. That is why the revenue increased by 24% in 2014 as reported by travel industries. Adventure travel has three elements. It is mentioned in the infographic below.


Adventure travel is not only about extreme sports. There is a category which is soon becoming popular. That is the soft adventure. You can ride on a safari in Africa and call it adventure tourism. The hard adventure is for the daredevils. Those who want to go off beat. Scuba diving and paragliding come under hard adventure.


The percentage of travelers involved in the adventure is increasing year after year. It has shown a steady rise since past three years. You will be surprised to know that 53% of adventure travelers are women. The wrong notion that the mustache is stronger than the braids is slammed.

It is not often people travel to the same place. Travelers don’t like doing safe adventures on their trips. They explore new horizon. Maybe that is why only 22% of travelers repeat their adventure schedule.

According to ATTA research, African countries have shown a steep decline in attracting adventure tourists. Adventure travel is widely spread around South America, Southeast Asia. There are locations around the world which can be turned into adventure destinations. The Polar cruising is becoming a hot trend.

Traveling without adventure is mundane. Even if you do a bungee jumping in your trip, you become an adventure traveler. Don’t hold back. Explore the wild and unknown. Embrace Adventure!

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