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She is a wanderer at heart. As a writer by passion, a gypsy soul, her feet follows the mysterious roads. Her goal is to make her passion her profession. So she is pursuing her graduation as an English major. She has been writing for around five years about absolutely everything. The interior roads of Odisha are her thing. She loves the raw and untouched beauty of tribal lands. When she is not writing she is dancing on Mr. Saxobeat or reading classics. Her bookshelf is her boyfriend and road her bestie. According to her, there is nothing in the world a good road trip can’t fix. Her quiet demeanour seems to explain that she is a deep thinker. She is a go-getter,once she has set her mind on something she won’t rest till she grabs it.

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She admires anything that is unconventional. Her “food before dudes” and “wander before danger” attitude puts her on the badass side of the world. She always writes from the heart, putting her soul into it. So when you read her you will know that it comes from a woman who is devoted to her art. She will make you live inside her words ,that you can’t wait but be bound to visit the places.

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