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I have no ideas of who I was in my past lives, but in this life, I am currently a 30-year-old traveler, journalist, and musician from the planet we humans call Earth, from the galaxy known on Earth as the Milky Way. I was born with clavicle fracture to a family of Armenians in a country that doesn’t exist anymore on the day the Soviets performed the nuclear test at Semipalatinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan. In first 8 years of my life, I went through a genocide, the collapse of the Soviet Union, and a war.

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This is me today

Many people collect items. I collect memories about places I sleep at: slept on and under tables and on chairs in Moscow; in temples, churches and monasteries around Armenia, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines; at police stations in the Philippines; in a tent set on the roof of a 30-storey building in Moscow; on the roadside in China; under a huge tree in the mountains of Georgia; outdoor at -40 C in Siberia; on beaches in Thailand, Philippines and Armenia, in a native American tipi in Russia and Georgia; in one small room shared with 20 other people in Lviv, Ukraine; and once I even fell asleep in a toilet.


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