We are hiring!

Good News Folks! The Art of Travel is hiring for several job openings. Make your career an adventurous journey. Join and work with The Art Of Travel.

We value creativity, passion, and fearlessness. We’re not afraid to challenge ourselves and the status quo.

For every job opening, these are a must:

  • high-speed internet access (24×7)
  • fast PC or laptop and a smartphone
  • must be excellent in English (verbal and written)
  • a passion for travel and exploration
  • interests in creative writing, innovation, and storytelling
  • self-motivation, self-determination, and willingness to work hard

If you’re interested in the adventure as much as the destination then check out the career opportunities below.

Chief Editor

– Overview, edit, and manage all contents on the blog and on social media queues.

– Work with Project Manager(s) and individual freelancers and delegate tasks and help as needed. 

– Maintain relationship with press and media. Maintain relationships with fans.

– Create the vision for the brand and lead the team by example.

– Shoot video, record podcasts, build relationships with other travel industry leaders.

– Seek funding, sponsorships, reach out to advertisers, deal business transactions.

– Create travel itineraries content, featured and exclusive content, long form content for the blog.

– Create Table of Content (ToC) for Travel Guides.

– Write and produce Travel books and Travel Guides.

Project Manager

– The Project Manager (PM) will work closely with the Chief editor and the rest of the team of writers, video editors, and social media marketers.

– Create and delegate tasks to team members, ask for updates, ensure the project, its milestones, and all tasks are on schedule.

– Create “Cornerstone contents” for The Art Of Travel blog as per the instruction given to you.

– Create 2 Infographics every week.

– Write 2 blog posts every week.

– Plan and create content for the blog.

– Coordinating YouTube video productions with other content writers and video editors.

– Plan, arrange, organize, and schedule (using google calendar) interviews for The Art Of Travel Podcast.

– Oversee all social media platforms and will ensure the brand reputation is maintained. 

– Offer help and expertise if any team member needs help. 

– Help in research for book projects and travel guide books.

– Communicate with the team over IM, skype, WhatsApp, messenger, etc.

– Be available to pick up calls during the work hours. Attend a weekly team status call.

– Provide a concise daily update to the Chief Editors.

Director of Social Media

– The Social Media expert is responsible for all things social.

– Find and download quality pictures of destinations & fill Buffer queue for FaceBook and Twitter for automated posting.

– Manage and Grow Twitter using Statusbrew.

– Take published blog posts and post it on the Medium, LinkedIn, Quora, and other publishing platforms.

– Share all blog content, YouTube videos, and Podcasts on various social media sites using Buffer and direct share.

– Plan for milestones Giveaway on various social media platforms and organize the giveaway by writing texts, creating images, finding suitable prizes, and writing the giveaway’s terms and conditions.

– Engage with the fans and customers on various social media platforms (such as by “liking”, “commenting”, “replying to comments”, “answering questions”, etc.)

– Drive growth on Pinterest. Pin AoT Instagram posts and all of the AoT blog posts and web content on Pinterest in various travel group boards and AoT Pinterest boards.

– Drive traffic to the AoT blog from Pinterest.

– Use the Tailwind app to its maximum potential to schedule pins in advance.

– Manage Instagram accounts using Instagress.

Video Editor/Film Maker

– Edit videos (most of the time producing them as well), add free youtube music, upload to youtube, write SEO friendly titles and descriptions, and post on social sites.

– Upload the videos on Amazon video and on the Facebook page of AoT.

– Edit the raw footages that you will receive (download from the Dropbox) from the team and create short films, documentaries or clips.

– Write SEO friendly Video Titles and detailed video descriptions. Add proper tags.

– Create catchy video cover thumbnail photos for the YouTube and Amazon Videos.

– Create (edit) shorter videos of 6 seconds length for Vine and 15 seconds length for Instagram.

– Work on your own and as well as with the team on creating video scripts.

– Find and download public domain music for video production. Download and use the free music that YouTube creator offers.

– Must have and use Apple iMovie or Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, etc.

Director of Content

– The Director of Content is the driving force behind The Art Of Travel blog’s content strategy.

– Write a daily blog post of about 500 words + provide 5 pictures (from Public domain, your own work, or Creative Commons with proper license tag). This does not mean 30 blog posts each month. But, more the better. We are looking for minimum 22 blog posts each month.

– Create 2 new Infographics every week for the AoT blog. (An example: Write for Us Infographic)

– Participate and contribute to the team discussion regarding Content planning. Research and suggest new blog topics and ideas. Take initiative with coming up good posts and writing them.

– Original content check. Running each piece of content against a plagiarism checker (inbuilt in the blog) to ensure the originality and content quality.

– Make sure that the formatting on your posts are consistent and matching with the rest of the blog.

– Find blog topics from YouTube videos. Likewise, turn blog posts into scripts for YouTube filming/video production. An example: “Top 10 Travel Destinations in India”

– Find interesting things (in the fictional domain) to write about. An example: Game of Thrones.

– Find travel topics, travel related Q&As, comments on Quora and turn these questions, answers, comments into blog posts and infographic.

– Required to be quick with email communication. (Response time should be less than 24 hours)

– If going away (or taking off for some time), notify the team in advance. Plan your content in advance.

Graphic Designer

We are looking for a Graphic Designer to join our team. It’s a long-term contract, renewed month-to-month.

Basic job responsibilities:

– Search, download, resize the images to under 500KB without losing image resolution (if needed) from public domain. (Tag such photos as Public domain)

– Search, download, resize the images to under 500KB without losing image resolution (if needed) from Creative Commons media. (Tag such photos by their author and license, eg: Image 1 Credit: Mr. X, CC BY-SA 3.0)

– Create beautiful and engaging Infographic using Venngage and Canva.

– Create beautiful Pinterest friendly vertical images with Title texts on it (for The Art Of Travel blog)

– Create quotes-photos for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (using Venngage, Canva, Picassa, Adobe Photoshop, WordSwag, InstaQuote, etc.)

– Create Video Thumbnail Covers for YouTube and Amazon Videos using any of the tools mentioned above.

– Create beautiful and engaging photos with or without texts for blog headers using the tools mentioned above

– Most importantly: Insert minimum of 5 images (individual image size not to exceed 500KB) in each blog post that the Content team publishes

– Create beautiful and engaging cover photos with or without texts for various social media platforms (using the tools mentioned above)

– Retouch photos for marketing campaign and for press/media kit (You should be good with photo editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop, etc.)

– Share and exchange all work using the company’s Dropbox account.

– Provide status updates and communicate via Freedcamp project management (online) tool

Note: All required and above-mentioned tools will be provided to you for this job.

PS: This is a time consuming and difficult job. We have a dedicated team for content creation so you will have to be fast and efficient to survive this job and to make it financially rewarding. So, only apply you are good with this sort of work.

Director of Web Development

– Responsible for the website design and maintenance.

– Responsible for handling errors and bugs that are reported by our users or team.

Destination Experts/Travel Writers

– As a destination expert, write about your country (or a destination) and cover it from as many angles as possible.

– Think deep about tourism in your country. Some of the thoughts can be:

How [Destination X] can attract more tourists? (What government initiatives would be required?)

What is it that [Destination X] offers to foreign tourists that no other country offers?

What social causes and awareness the world at large needs to know about [Destination X] (Travel is a fun activity but one thing we want to do differently on The Art Of Travel is to link each destination with its social causes and therefore, bring public awareness.)

– Don’t assume just going somewhere is a reason to write an article. Even remote corners of the globe are visited by more writers than we need. (We all have seen enough articles on Iceland and Antarctica to last a lifetime.) Unless you’re going to the Moon or Mars, try to find a good story angle. That’s what we are looking for.

For example: Is there some attraction right off Machu Picchu that nobody ever visits—but should?

Could you spend a couple of days with people who actually live illegally (or legally) inside the Grand Canyon or in the Yosemite National Parks? Can you tell their stories? Tell those stories.

Is there a stonemason doing repairs on the Taj Mahal who is descended from one of the original masons?

– Be a journalist at heart. Be a creative writer. You have to merge the two. Wherever you are going, whatever you are writing, dig for something that our readers will find refreshing.

Director of World Travel News

– Look for Travel incidents and travel related stories from all over the world.

– Whatever catches your eyes as the most interesting story, write a news piece.

– Be quick. This is a daily news update section, sometimes multiple times a day (as soon as the news happens).

– Consider perspectives. Make implications and share your opinion on the incidents/news. Make your news interesting and thoughtful. (Not just a factual reporting)

Podcast/Audio Expert

– As a sound engineer, your main task is to edit the podcast, remove the unwanted section, silence, tangents, and long and/or repeated Ummm, Aaahs, etc, and curse words.

– Add the intro and outro, add advertisement (if applicable), add music bed. All used sound and music should be from the public domain.

– Balance the noise and make the sound as clear as possible.

Product Engineer & Director of Sales

– Generate revenue for The Art Of Travel.

– Design products that are in demand and can be sold (example: t-shirt, mugs, hoodies, travel maps, gears, cool, funny stickers, etc.).

– Handle orders, manufacturing, shipping, and all the other logistics.

– Post products on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc. Fulfill all sales/returns/refunds. 

– Research the market and find products that can be launched or added to our inventory. Research on competitive pricing, profit margins, and other similar details. 

– Help in books, eBook, and Travel Guide production and marketing.

– Find the best affiliate deals and insert them into the blog posts, pages, and other contents. Remove old, broken and expired affiliate links.

– Manage Google Adsense, direct advertisement, paid placements, etc. on the website.

– Manage products and marketing on our social platforms.