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Restless, I admit. With a penchant for the overly dramatic, the curiously stated, the bizarrely understood, and the half-truths of fiction and perception. Don’t worry, that’s just a long way of saying I like interesting stuff and I love writing.

I started when I was 8 and quite frankly don’t know how to stop. I also love math, physics, engineering, languages, and basically anything that I don’t already know (which is a lot) and that may help me understand a little more of our own universe: so I find it quite natural that science fiction, with its time and space travel paradoxes, ignite my passion.

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The love of my life is my fiancée, who is herself a plastic artist. Together we have founded Don Zunzún Arts & Crafts, and story-telling in all its forms. I find beauty in every story, be it from life or fiction. Looking for them can be quite the adventure, from traveling to another country to discussing a new movie.

But I’m the sort of guy who doesn’t like keeping those experiences to himself, so I want to share with you, curious reader, a quick glance to the mysterious void of space and time through a tiny pair of my own glasses, so that we may reach with our minds what we cannot reach with our bodies… yet.

So buckle up, because when we discuss things that aren’t yet invented, theories that aren’t tested and movies that make your mind reel with their confusing timelines, it is quite a bumpy ride. But there is no room for panic. Just for discovery.

I write about Time travel and Space travel on The Art Of Travel.

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