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Chile is officially called The Republic of Chile. It is located in South America. The countries bordering it are Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. It is a country rich in minerals like copper.

The capital of Chile is Santiago. It is also the largest city in the country. The national language is Spanish. The people of Chile are called Chilean. It is the most prosperous country in South America. It covers an area of 750,000 km2. The population is estimated to be 18 million people as in 2015. The currency of Chile is called Peso.

The Andes Mountains give a beautiful feel to the country. There are a variety of climates and landscapes present in Chile. The climates range from the driest in the world at the Atacama Desert to an oceanic climate including alpine tundra and glaciers.

The majority religion practised in Chile is Christianity, with the major followers belonging to Catholic Church. 25% of the people are Atheist and Agnostic. It is rich in flora as well as fauna, with a lot of species endemic to the country.

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