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Cyprus is the third largest country in the Mediterranean Sea that combines romantic harbors and ancient ruins of its glorious past. This island country lies north of Egypt, northwest of Israel and Palestine, south of Turkey, southeast of Greece and west of Syria and Lebanon.

The country also provides the great outdoor experience to travelers. A number of beaches can be found in Cyprus – from the loud to calm beach destinations. There’s plenty of things to do: scuba diving, skimming, and windsurf boarding. Inland, you can find pine-rich mountains, rolling valleys and thick vineyards that are perfect for hiking and biking adventures.

Other popular destinations in the country include the Akamas Peninsula, Ayia Napa (considered as the main party town of Cyprus), Troodos Mountains, and Lefkara in the foothills of the Troodos Mountains.

For foodies, this country offers a culinary feast. Savor the tasty hummus, creamy rice puddings, spicy grilled sausage, sticky baklava, and other local cuisines that will please your taste buds.

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