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Estonia packs a stunning nature-scape, rich history and anything in between. This country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe borders the Gulf of Finland to the north, Baltic Sea to the west, Latvia to the south, and Lake Peipus and Russia to the east.

The country a mainland and 2,222 islands and islets in the Baltic Sea, where Latvia and Lithuania are located. These three countries share the same history under the Soviet rule. Estonia has managed to escape the claws of Russia and established itself as a sovereign state in Europe, which has come to emrbace Tallinn, perhaps the most well-loved city in the continent.

Nature lovers can find peace and serenity in the countryside and vast swathes of forest. The country has a special fond for nature. Hike in any of its national park or read a book under a tree, thanks to Estonia’s laidback and unexploited nature.

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