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Latvia is an undiscovered tourist destination as of yet. The ancient cathedrals and dense forests are not so crowded with tourists. This Baltic country will offer you a quiet getaway if you want to have a happy time. It is surrounded by four countries. Latvia is famous for being a much-used trade route of the Vikings.

The Latgale region has Russia in the northeast and Belarus on the south. The Vidzeme area has Estonia on the north and Zemgale region of Latvia on the south. Zemgale shares a long border with Lithuania. The Riga area has a Baltic coastline on the north of the country. The coast continues on the eastern side of Latvia.

The temperature can be chilling freezing in the months of January and February. June is an excellent time to visit the country.

Riga is the capital. It is not only an urban city, but it also has a history of eight hundred years waiting to be told. It is the best destination for tourists. Another city which comes next is the city of music and wind- Liepaja. You can enjoy the white beaches and local music on a windy day.

If you change your mind of visiting Latvia in winter, then Madona is the first place you should go. It is the winter destination of the country with fantastic winter sports options. Sigulda is a small town perched outside Riga. It is studded with enchanting castles. Are you fancying having a dip? You must head to Livu Akvaparks. It is a busy hub for water sports lovers.

Getting around is not a big chore in Latvia. Airways connect the important cities. But if you want to explore the real essence of the country and visit small towns, Trains are your answer. They are cheap and spacious, provided it is not a busy day in summer. Buses and bikes can also be a means of transport. Some places like Riga offer you cruise travel to Jurmala also. See, if you can book a ticket.

Latvian is spoken by most of the population. But you can communicate in English with the people of Riga. If you are planning to discover the country, though, you need to learn some basic Russian.

Euro is used in Latvia. It is not overwhelmingly expensive to have a trip here. Hotels are affordable. You will not find luxurious hotels, but they will be comfortable. Guest houses can be booked at lower prices in the countryside.

Latvia is not at the top of European destinations, but it is none the less gorgeous. From sandy beaches, to elegant castles. It has got tokens of surprises for tourists.

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