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Moldova is officially known as the Republic of Moldova. It is located in Eastern Europe and is landlocked on all sides. The countries that border it are Romania and Ukraine. The capital city and is Chisinau, which also happens to be the largest city.

The official languages used here is Romanian. Other recognized languages include Bulgarian, Gagauz, and Ukrainian. The area of the country is 34,000 square kilometre. The population stands at around 3 million people. The people of the country are Moldovan.

Various ethnic groups reside in the country. However, Moldovan are the majority of the population (75%). The currency used here is Leu. The major religion practiced in the country is Orthodox Christianity.

It has retained most of its ancient culture. Other than that, strong influences are also drawn from the neighbouring Latin and Slavic culture. The culture found here is a strong mix of the Romanian and the Russian Culture.

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