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Netherlands is a country proud of its glorious history as well as the successful present. You will enjoy the scenic countryside and the stunning architecture. It can be very crowded because it has high population density. It is a country known by a different name (Holland) throughout the world.

On the north is a place to getaway. It has a low population and beautiful countryside; you can enjoy the Frisian islands and lakes. The south of country shares borders with Belgium. It has a long Catholic history. On the west is the most important part of the country called Randstad. It is home to four big cities. Eastern part of it has the natural beauties to savor. From Hoge Veluwe to Zwolle.

Amsterdam is the capital city. Cities like Groningen ( educational city ), Arnhem ( green city ), The Hague ( Judicial capital ), Maastricht ( medieval city ), Rotterdam ( artsy city ) are a must visit. Natural attractions are Hoge Veluwe national park, Kinderdjik (windmills ), Schokland (ghost village ), Keuken hof (flower fields).

Summers can be tolerable so are winters. There is rainfall all throughout the year. That is why you can come from May- September. They are adequate months to travel to Netherlands. For getting around in the country with the help of public transport, you need to have an OV-chipkart. It will assist you in trains, metros, and trams as well as bus. If you want to move across important cities, use planes. When there is no air connectivity, use trains. They cost around 0.25 Euros/km.

Cars are also a perfect way to view the stunning countryside. But beware of the high fuel prices. The Road as well as traffic is friendly for bicycles.

Dutch and Frisian are the official languages in the country. But you need not worry because the majority of the population are taught English from an early age.

Euro is the currency used here. Overall it might not be a cost- friendly destination. Food and accommodation ( start with Twenty Euros/ night) are expensive here. You can cut your budget short only on travel costs. Stick to public transport and do not use rental cars. Alcohol is also costly, but cigarettes (six Euros/19 pieces) are cheap compared to rest of Europe.

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