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Gardens are places where you can relax or take a leisurely stroll. Everywhere around the world gardens have been created by humans. Our need for peace drives us into arms of nature. There are some spectacular gardens built down the clock of time. Visit the natural beauties to enjoy nature.


It is located in Tivoli. The villa is a symbol of Italian Renaissance. During the eighteenth century, the monastery was renovated to an elegant villa. It is listed in UNESCO’s artistic sites in Italy. Every garden has lush greenery centered by a fountain. That is a picture that pops into our mind when we think of a garden.

Image_villadesteacqueVilla d’Este lives up to our imagination. It has moss-covered fountains. They are created in the shape of wolf suckling Romulus (Rometta fountain). You will also find Fontana de Bicchierone. This fountain is made in the shape of a shell. Water splashing out of creatively sculptured fountains is beautiful. Everything in Villa d’Este is designed to sprinkle you with water.


Villa had a signature feature-the fountains. In the same way, Royal Botanic Gardens have a defining feature-greenhouses. It is not only a natural place but also a historic place. It houses the world’s largest Victorian greenhouse (Temperate House).

Botanic gardens are located just 16 kilometers from London. Baobabs tree are a rare species. But the Palm greenhouse is designed to grow the trees in ten different climatic temperature. If you want to see the beauty of vanilla orchids and other plants, visit the garden. It will enhance your botanical knowledge too.


A classical garden in every aspect. It was designed by Andre Le Notre. Located near the palace of Louis XIV. The King had ordered to create the garden to enhance the magnificence of his chateau. It covers a massive area of 250 acres. You can sneak a spot here to relax.

The park is littered with quiet corners with exquisite statues. You can click a pic of colorful flowerbeds along the path. An artificial canal was created in the garden. The Sun King used to take gondola rides here. The scene composing the gorgeous palace and the green landscape is stunning. You will be transported back to the seventeenth century.


It is a modern version of classical gardens. It was built in the twentieth century. Located in St Jean Cap Ferrat. A Baroness decided to build the Villa surrounded by different types of gardens. She added a feminine touch to it by giving it a pink color. The Gardens have seven different themes.

Image_Gardens_of_the_Villa_Ephrussi_de_RothschildEach garden heroes a specific theme. A provincial garden is present which is decorated with lavender and olive trees. The main attraction is the French garden. It has a pond covered with lily. A temple of love is built in the garden. The idea was inspired from Trianon in Versailles. Fountains are surrounding it, which gives it a splendid appeal. This is a myriad of gardens. You can discover the Florentine, Spanish, and lapidary gardens also.


A garden representing the gentle beauty of Ireland. There is not much effort put to make it look extravagant. Wicklow mountains looming in the background do the job. It is located in Enniskerry. It occupies an area of 19 hectares. It might be smaller as compared to other gardens on the list but equals them in beauty.

The gardens are walled, which gives them a mysterious touch. You will feel like you are trapped in heaven. The soft pavilions are like walking on velvet. Feel the coolness of waterfall surrounding you. You can even walk up to luxurious terraces and view the garden. Powerscourt is an enchanting place to lose yourself.

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