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France Travel Guide

Who doesn’t love France? Everything about France is amazing, and that is what has helped it climb on to the most exotic travel location in the world. People want to see France, people want to live Paris. France is amazing, from the beautiful picturesque locations to the yummy food it brings us. After all, who can resist their wine and cheese?


France is essentially the world’s most popular tourist destination since over two decades. The number of people visiting France every year is astounding, and they skyrocket in each year that comes. France shares its borders with Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and Andorra. Each of these countries is like an ideal choice from a tourist’s perspective, which creates a densely interconnected travel network between them. Though when you are in France, you would hardly get to experience every awesome thing it has to offer to want to go anywhere else.

Best Time to Travel

It is wise to avoid traveling to France near very famous holidays because the hotels are all booked out. Therefore, unless you are filthy rich, or so poor that you don’t mind sleeping on the park bench, avoid the holiday season. Hence, you can come to France any time except for that. Though you should remember that France is known to have cold winters, therefore, pack your luggage well accordingly.

Major Cities

Though all of the cities of France are worth seeing, they are too many in number that we have to shortlist it to nine for the practicality reasons of this document. These nine are- Paris, Bourges, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Toulouse, and Strasbourg. Among this Paris is the most notable, and is often considered to be the symbol of love.

Getting into France

Tourists have so many options to get into France, that it would probably take multiple guides like these to describe each in detail. The different ways to get into France are – Airway, roadway, railway, seaway. Therefore, you can get in France from any of the transportation means that has been created by mankind. There are various airports all through France, and various entry points throughout its borders.

Language and Currency

French (no surprise eh?) is the main language spoken in France. However, many of the population is taught English too in high school, it is not commonly spoken as people generally get out of practice. It would be helpful for a tourist to learn basic French phrases before setting out to France. These may come handy now and then.

Being part of the European Nation, Euro is the national currency of France, shared by 24 other countries. Each Euro contains 100 cents. In some places, the USD and the British pound are accepted too, but a tourist should still get it exchanged for Euros as any other currency can turn out to be unreliable.


It is very easy to find a hotel room in France to fit every budget. It is essential for hotel owners to post prices in the windows, so you don’t even need to go in to find one that suits your budget, as a general hotel tip, the price for a room can be bargained for quite lower than what was posted in the window. So it is a good idea to bargain.

Food and Drinks

French food has acquired a lot of fame throughout the world, therefore, when you are in France food would be an absolute delicacy (in France French food is just food). There are many chains of restaurants that run across France, and even small stores and confectionaries can provide you with the most amazing experience your tongue would have ever had.

Also, as a general rule, when in France, REMEMBER THE CHEESE! France has over 400 varieties of cheese. If it was up to me, I would spend an extra year in France just trying a new flavor of cheese each day.

And if you are a wine lover, that might be a sole reason to visit France. France is the home of wine, the mother of wine, and the father of wine. Be it Bordeaux wine or wine from the Loire Valley, each has its own taste and smell that is just mesmerizing.

Tell us your experience when you come back from France!

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