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Congo is seen as a country inhabited by tribals with dense forests. It is a cliché. Congo has many truths about it which have been hidden from the common eye. It is so much more than the jungles and wild men. Enjoy some facts about Congo mentioned below; they will take you by surprise.


Paris is the largest city which has the largest number of French speakers. That is understandable as it is the capital of France. But Congo? You cannot believe it is second in the list. The capital city of Congo has around ten million people.

It is a safe destination, keeping in mind the fighting in the country. Kinshasa even organized the La Francophonie. It is a summit held by all French speaking countries. So before you jump into conclusion of Congo being about jungles, think again? French is the classiest language in the world. Congo is classy in its way.


No matter how strange it may sound, it’s a fact. They eat mayonnaise with almost everything. Congo is rich in the Department of restaurants. It has got Indian, Lebanese, Belgian, Congolese.

The mayo is served with everything from fish, meat, pepper, peas. The delicious burn from the pepper is balanced by mayo. You will find affordable restaurants serving you some hot and generous Lebanese meal. Ready your palate for a mayo overkill if you plan on visiting Congo.


Many movies have portrayed Ebola as being easy to catch in Congo. There are reasons behind the outbreaks in the 1950s. But the government now has taken steps to curb it. Any first sign of a virus and it is treated as soon as possible.

The bushmeat is an important source of the virus. It is widely consumed by rural people in Congo. Campaigns are held to spread awareness among the people. So, when you visit, Congo don’t be afraid to catch Ebola. Stay cautious you will be safe.


Yes, we are talking about the retired jet. Concorde was one of the fastest planes in history. It used to land in jungles of Concorde. In the African jungle Dictator Mobutu created a city. It is one of the weirdest city. He did everything in his power to imitate the French style.

Even the street signs are copied from Marseille and Paris. The city is located on shores of Oubangui river. Mobutu has created two palaces which heroes the city. But since Mobutu has fled the place is being buried under the jungle. You can visit the landing ground of Concorde while in an expensive hotel sector.

Congo did not have a stable government in recent years. The overthrow of Mobutu led to war in following years. After 2002 the government is gaining stability. There were only two hotels in country’s capital in those years. But nowadays many hotels have been built across the city.

The Grand Hotel is being renovated. Its new face is gorgeous. But with rising number of hotels the price tags are also increasing. Hotels will cost you $ 300 for a night. The pricey deals might be due to the type of people checking in the hotels. Government officials, businessmen, stay in the hotels. For tourists, the cost can be a bit extravagant.

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