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Sierra Leone is an African country with Guinea to the north and Atlantic Ocean in the southwest. This country was under the rule of British for many years. Examples of it can be seen throughout the country. Slavery of Africa started from this point. Still, the beauty of nation was not hampered. Sierra Leone is a country which retains its primitive beauty like many African countries.

If you want to have some water sports, Banana Island is a perfect option in Sierra Leone. You can do diving and snorkeling on the shores of the island. It is located in the southwest part of the country. Its coastal location adds to the adventures. You can explore the dense forests in the islands.

When we say islands, it is the group of three islands we are talking about. Ricketts, Dublin and Mes Meheux. These three make up the Banana islands which are popular for being HQ of Etisalat Telecom. You can lose yourself among many caves here. They house thousands of bats. Visit the medieval churches. You can find remnants of past slavery in the slave docks here.

Want a view of forests? Head to Freetown. A rough ride of forty minutes will take you to Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary. It has become a tourist attraction in the recent years. The ride along the sandy road on a motor will take you through the beauty of forests.

Hear the gushing waterfalls and feel the fresh air on your face. You can sight many Chimpanzees in the sanctuary. This hundred acres of land will offer you the natural beauty of Sierra Leone.

Were we in Freetown? How about boating away from it. Three hours from Freetown you will find a group of eight islands. Together they are commonly named as Turtle Islands. It is so because Turtles make the shores their breeding ground.

You can do fishing here. If you are new to it, ask a local. Fishing community flourishes here. A peaceful time can be spent here. You can sit and enjoy the blue fresh water. You will also taste some amazing seafood in Turtle Islands.

Welcome to the highest mountain of Sierra Leone. Bintumani towers at a height of 1945 meters. It has a rich flora and fauna which will stun you on your way up.

Many riders, climbers, and trekkers come here seeking adventure. Another name for this epic mountain is Loma Mansa. If you don’t want to climb, on the foothills, you will find dense forests which are rich in wildlife.

A favorite spot of French supermodels. This beach is popular since the 1970s. People flock here to have a day off. They can lounge in the sun and relax. It is near to Freetown. So you can get back if you have based your trip there. Or you can stay here for a night.

It has got a guest house, Which is very comfortable. You can spend your night listening local tales. One of the famous tales is that of Crocodile lady. It is said that she lures crocodile out of waters. Have an incredible time enjoying scenic charms of Sierra Leone.

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