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Strange Natural wonders take us by surprise. Nature has a mind of its own. Nothing is conventional for our nature. There are many phenomena on earth which are out of the box. Have you seen a glittery beach or a rainbow coloured tree? Nature plays weird tricks. Here are some examples of strange natural wonders.


Eucalyptus Delta are rare trees. You can see them in Ceram, New Britain, New Guinea, Mindanao. The trees shed the old bark. When the new bark emerges, it is a beauty to watch it. The barks become the colour of the rainbow. It becomes colourful. The blue, red, purple, orange tones give an unnatural beauty.


Just coming here will make you think that you are on some other planet. Or maybe you will think that you are dead and gone to heaven? The sight here is ethereal. The shores of Vaadhoo beach in Maldives are magical. The phytoplankton in their water emits light. The blue waters glow at night due to bioluminescence. One of the nature’s anomaly – a strange natural wonder.


The name itself makes you wonder what is it? The East Antarctica is a pristine piece of land. Many strange things are going on here. But the Taylor glacier is something out of a vampire movie. The red colored water flowing through the snowy landscape is haunting. The color of the water is due to the presence of iron oxide in it.


Sounds chilling. The door to hell is a gas crater in Derweze. It is the creepiest place on the earth and its name is so for a reason. Located in Turkmenistan, Derweze was a place rich in natural gas. The cavern where natural gas buried was exactly the place where geologists tapped. Because of which a whole rig collapsed to the ground.

The geologists to prevent methane from spreading in atmosphere decided to burn it. Since then a crater the size of the rig is here (230ft wide,66ft deep). It might have occurred due to man’s activity. But the structure is a natural one. Hence you can call it one of the strange natural wonders.


You can witness this magnificent sight in Moscow. During the evening it seems like the doors of heaven open up. The sky shoots up with pillars of light. You will not see this anywhere else in the world. The reason behind one of this strange natural wonders is ice crystals. The minute ice crystals hang in the air. The light from sun, moon or terrestrial source hits them. The angle of crystals is planar or parallel. It leads to the sky lighting up.


There are a lot of reflective surfaces around the earth. But this is something you would have never thought about. These salt flats are in Bolivia. It covers an area of 10,582 square km. Due to changes in prehistoric lakes salt mirrors are there. The salt deposits are flat. They cover the ground and are clear as glass. The sky is vividly reflected in this flats. You can go and see your reflection in this natural salt mirror. Salt and mirror? Sounds unbelievable. But nature always surprises us.


The dreamer in you will get excited to know what is an underwater forest? Where is it located? The Kaindy Lake in Kazakhstan has an underwater forest. The lake is a part of Tian Shan mountain. During a massive limestone landslide in 1911, the forest got dislocated. The result is sunken wood inside the lake Kaindy. The trees have not rotted because of the scientific conditions in Kaindy. The trees underwater seem like a forest in water.

Nature will wow you with this 400 meters of incredibility.There are many strange natural wonders you can visit around the globe.

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