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Solo female travel has become popular in the past decade. There has been a growth of 230% in travel companies(female only). Women have embraced the wildness. They have guts to explore the world on their own.


A woman can enjoy herself without a travel companion also. That is what woman have proved. Woman are contributing to the global travel economy. They are expected to reach a sum of $125 billion this year.

Traveling solo has a lot of reasons. The infographic below will give you information on the increase in solo female travel, reasons, popular locations.


Women can face a lot of problem while traveling alone. That is why it is important that they choose safe destinations.

Europe is a frequented destination. It is because majority female travelers are from that area. Asia and Africa are not popular with women traveling alone. Maybe it is not safe. Women face a lot of problems when traveling alone.

When asked what their major concerns were you can see it was in a dangerous situation alone(47%).

Women are visiting untouched locations. They are doing all kinds of activities. In short, women know how to have fun alone. The freedom which they feel when they travel alone is priceless.

You might think that women are only good at shopping on a trip. Come again? It is recorded by the travel companies that 17% of solo female travel are related to history & education. Women are also adrenaline junkies. They now love adventure sports. 15% Women travel for adventure sports.

Solo female travelers are from every age group. The women who travel are especially widowed or divorced. Modern women have become sophisticated and self-reliant. That is the reason they are unafraid of traveling alone. The women above 45 years make 55% of the solo female travel population. The age group might hint at the time when they need a break from monotonous life.

The biggest cliché regarding solo travel is-traveler is a 26-year-old man! But statistics beat this notion. Reports inform that 73% of female prefer to travel alone than their male partners. It is a 45-year-old female traveling rather than a virile young male.

Wanderlust has been getting to females. The trend is kicking off now. With the rise of social media, everybody wants to posts lovely pictures. Solo female travel is a boon for travel industry

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