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Zimbabwe was one of the widely visited countries in the world during the twentieth century. But recently the number of tourists has dropped to 75%. The glory of Zimbabwe still survives. Sadly, there are not many people who travel here. It is full of natural beauty like any African country. There many adventure sports options available here. Something tells us that you would like to visit it. That is why we present to you a list of things you must do here.


Calm down! We did not ask you to do it without protection. We were talking about bungee jumping. It is the highest waterfalls in the world. Discovered by David Livingstone. Victoria Falls at a height of 111 meters. A fall from that high is sure to make you heart pound. Many adventure sports enthusiasts dive from that height.


It is organized by Zambezi Adrenaline Company. People from around the world visit the waterfall to experience the jump. You can even hear the water gushing from two kilometers away. How wonderful is that?


An aerial view of these ancient ruins is breathtakingly gorgeous. They are tokens of past. It was built by Gokomere tribe. Chimanimani, Zimbabwe has been on the ground since the eleventh century. History lovers can spend their time here. The site has been divided into three parts.

The Great Enclosure is an assembly of granite blocks aligned together. The Hill Ruins is the bygone human settlements. They are the most visited. The Valley Ruins is a series of lived in structures. A walk around this 750 hectares area will transport you back to ancient times.


Everything about cave sounds primal. You would like to discover the places where ancestors lived. There is an underground pool located inside the cave. It is a limestone structure. Caves are lined up together to form a myriad.

The temperature of the pool is always nice for a dip. You can pitch your tent around the caves. There is a Caves Motel near the Cave. You can relax in the lush atmosphere. Reaching also is easy. Just 120 miles from capital Harare.


Are you tired of the scorching sun rays? Sub- Saharan climate of Zimbabwe can be quite exhausting. Mutare is a town that will be your reprieve. The climate here is pleasant. You can visit the Aloe Gardens here.

The calm atmosphere will soothe you. Another place is the Mzilikazi Art Museum; you will find the crafts here worth your interest. There is Rhodes museum too. Chimanimani is close to Mutare town. Enjoy your day walking around these places sipping something cool.


If you want some time off shopping? Doon estate it is. Located in Harare, which is the capital city of Zimbabwe. There are lovely art galleries to surf here. Dendera, Zimbabalooba are your options. Locally brewed coffee is sold here.

You can taste lip smacking dishes in the estate. The local lemonades are yummy. You cannot forget the taste it will leave in your mouth. Shop around in the streets. Visit chic boutiques and local craft stores. A Day in Doon estate will give you a memento you can cherish.

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