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When it comes to beautiful beaches, nothing beats the beauty of Mauritius, the Queen of Islands. However, there is more to the destination than breathtaking beaches. After all, it is the Paradise Island! Very often used by couples as a honeymoon destination, here is a list of the other things you could do aside from the love-making.

Street Food

When it comes to delicious street food, nothing in the world beats that of Mauritius. Inspired by the flavours from Indian, African, and Chinese foods, there is so much more in it that you would be just left with a gaping jaw! The intermixing of various flavour works out so well that you would be wondering why it didn’t exist earlier.

Mauritius is a paradise for foodies. Try out the various street food places and all the dishes if you can. You would be left begging for the recipe, or would be visiting Mauritius again just for the food.

Car Drive

Driving around the Mauritius locality is a very fun thing to do. Though you can always take a cab, but hiring a car and driving it yourself is always more fun. The best way to discover a destination is by driving around it, rather than just traveling in a bus or a cab.

Evening_Port_Louis Mauritius

You would find amazing restaurants and local attractions which you can try out and enjoy. It is a good idea to check out the directions with the locals, as GPS can easily have you lost in the middle of nowhere.

You can even rent a car locally. Check out the local companies beforehand for the best prizes.

Tea and Sugarcane Fields

The tea and sugarcane fields of Mauritius are simply breathtaking. When driving your car, you can drive along the tea plantations and sugarcane fields and check out the real beauty of inland Mauritius.

One of the cool attractions of Mauritius is L’Aventure Du Sucre, its own sugar museum. Yes, you heard us right, a sugar museum! It can tell about the history of the sugar, or you can try out various local flavors. The museum has its own sugarcane plantation which you can stroll through.


Chamarel should be the main place among the list of places you intend to visit, if it wasn’t already. It is a village located in South Mauritius, in the district of Riviere Noire, while the eastern portion of the village is in Savanne District.

The seven coloured earth that lies in the village is a very famous tourist destination, aside from being a geological oddity. Formed from the decomposition of volcanic rocks, this is a sigh you wouldn’t forget soon. People from all around the world visit Mauritius for this attraction.

Aside from that, you can also visit Chamarel Falls and Black River Georges National Park while in Chamarel.


You might be wondering that how can a list of Top 5 Things to Do In Mauritius, not say anything about the beaches. Well do not worry, as last but not the least in this list, is exploring the beaches.


These beaches are the pride of Mauritius. Considered some of the best beaches in the world, If you are in Mauritius, try to visit as many as you can.

You can lie whole day on the beach and get a cool tan, or enjoy the night with a bottle of wine and the cool ocean breeze, nothing is stopping you. Just remember to take some pictures *wink* and post it on our site!

Happy Traveling!

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