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Female travelers are tending to travel solo. With the changing age, it is not a surprise. Women prefer to travel alone due to many reasons.To enjoy their freedom, to have a time quiet, for the peace of mind. Traveling alone has a lot of perks. That is something we all love to do.

But there are also a lot of things we should keep in mind before traveling alone.The assault on female travelers keeps on increasing.Theft is a primary problem related to tourism.How can a woman avoid all these? If you want your trip to be without a headache, you ought to choose a destination which is safe. Here is a list of few places which are voted safe for women.


Canada is voted the safest country in the world. How can you not feel safe in a place where people are so friendly.The atmosphere is metropolitan.It is the capital of Canada.English and French are the main languages used here.So if you are fluent in one of those, you will have no problem in communication.


Girls love shopping. Your shopping spree should start with ByWard market.Where you will find different kinds of goods.Handmade clothes, funky jewelry, all kinds of cheeses. No shopping is complete without some food. Head to any good restaurant. Have a happy and secure stay at Ottawa.


Who does not love beaches? If You want to have a sun bath or a dip in sea Hilo is your answer. The USA has a lot of safe cities for women.Nothing can beat Hilo. It is also known as the “Big Island.” The population here is meager.You can find your quiet spot.


The Akaka Falls state park is worth a visit. The beautiful landscape of the 400 ft high waterfall is a must see.There are many health nuts, but many women have a sweet tooth too.Head over to Macadamia Nut Corporation to sample some mouth-watering chocolate and macadamia nuts. Safe and tasty place for female travelers.


Norway is a feminist country through and through. It is always ranked in top ten for equal treatment of women. How can a woman not be safe here? The lively city is the capital of Norway. A trip to Oslo should always start with the Vigeland sculpture park.


If you are artsy, you are going to fall in love with this place. Gustav Vigeland has made 200 art pieces from granite, iron, and bronze. He is an artist at his finest. The trip will open your creative mind.You will have an amazing day here. It has also got some crazy nightclubs. You will have a vacay of your lifetime here.


Swedish culture is wonderful. The people are also super-friendly. Malmo is the third largest city. It is a perfect shopping hub.You can find some chic and classy outfits here. Your wardrobe will go through a remake once you buy here.


Women also love a shot of adrenaline rush. You can go for hiking or boating. The scenery adventure sports will offer you is spectacular. The city is environmental friendly. You can find it in their food choices as well as clothing. Any green enthusiasts who are female travelers here?


New girl in the city? Don’t be afraid you will enjoy your experience here. Copenhagen has a population of around two million people. You will be lost in the crowd. The bustling streets and Norse architecture will be a joy to watch.


You can shop here at dream prices. So gear up and make your wish lists. The fountain of Goddess Gefjun is a must if you are here. It tells the tale of how Denmark was established. In the night you can watch how the water lights up in a blue hue. The contrast between past and present is alluring.


If a woman wants to pamper herself what better place than a spa? Yes. You guessed it right. Auckland is your spa heaven.It is the largest city in New Zealand. A safe place for a woman to travel around. The white beaches are sunny and breezy.


You can walk along three kilometers of white sand and revel in the beauty of nature. The sunbaths are enough to give you a lovely golden tan. After that, you can go and have a spa session at Waiwera Thermal Resort. Sounds like a relaxing day. Doesn’t it?


Many want a secluded vacay. Away from the crowds. Setubal is a small city with a population of 80,000 only. Nature will soothe you here. Your stay will be filled with delicious seafood and warm wine.


If you want to, just enjoy nature go to Serra da Arrabida National Park. It is where land meets the sea. The gorgeous view of still waters will stun you. A holiday without a beach day is not complete. Portinho da Arrabida Beach is a perfect getaway.

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