Travel Book Of The Year Award

The Art Of Travel Best Travel Book Of The Year Award

The Travel Book of the Year is one of the top annual travel book awards in the USA. The award is open to all writers from all countries. The first award function is scheduled for mid-2017 in Boston, Massachusetts.

It is ironic that there are no top travel writing awards organized in the U.S. There is one in the U.K but then that’s it. Globally, as of today, there are only two large-scale annual travel book awards. That’s why we at The Art of Travel felt a need to address this gap.

As the community of travel lovers, we should celebrate the best travel writing and have an open forum where travel lovers can connect with each other.

The prize money is set to $1,000 USD (maximum) to the winner. At this time, there is going to be a single winner. In future, we may expand the awards to a second and/or third place.

Process of Selection

Each year a small number of works are shortlisted and a winner is announced at a dinner gala in Boston with the authors, publishers, friends and family in attendance. The gala is open to all but the seats are limited and RSVP is required for confirmation of attendance.

The books can be submitted from the past 30 years of publication date. There is a maximum submission limit of two books per author.