Travel Hacks

Tricks of the trade: Travel Hacks & Tips

Travel hacks are basically productivity tools and common transportation and accommodation tricks (but known by only a small group of people called “hackers”). Travel hacking is about using shortcuts and novel methods to increase the overall outcome of a trip, to save money, time, and to solve travel related problems. Travel hacks are often discovered by seasoned travelers and shared among the travel community.

Most travel hacks are often discovered by seasoned travelers while encountering common problems and challenges which pushes the person to find a solution. These hacks are often then shared among the travel community as travel hacks and travel tips.

Here, we have assembled thousands of travel hacks and tips under specific categories that you can use to: solve your common travel challenges.

A.) solve your common travel problems

B.) make efficient trip planning and better travel experience

Good Travel Hacks Are Not Common

As the internet is already filled with a lot of common travel hacks, we will avoid repeating them. Generally speaking, whenever enough people know about a little-known travel hack and begin using it, the solution in itself becomes less useful and a problem.

What we have done instead is we have put together a master hack list where you can find all of the common travel hacks in one place. Also, besides a master list, we have categorized the travel hacks in various travel-related categories, such as Hotels, Airlines, Ground Transportation, etc.

All of our travel hack and travel tips list are frequently updated and old ones are routinely discarded and removed from the list. We hope, these tricks and the lists will be something that you find both interesting and beneficial.